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Electrical Vehicle Equipped Successfully with the Switched Reluctance Motor for the First Time - News - Hirate Energy
Electrical Vehicle Equipped Successfully with the Switched Reluctance Motor for the First Time

Recently, the first batch of Hirate battery EV(electric vehicles) using switched reluctance motor as the traction system has successfully rolled out of the production line in Zibo Hi-Tec Development Zone, China. Comparing to the ones using traditional motors, this kind of EV can save 20% to 50% power consumption. We have become aleading role in research and applicationof this technology in the world.

With 5 technological patents in China, all of the SRD Switched Reluctance Motor was developed by the Shandong DERSUN Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Technical problems like high torque vibrations and excessive noises were solved. They had incorporated the WaiGee Intelligent Controller and the HirateBMS (Battery Management System)into a true all electricvehicle for the first time. This kind of motor is featured with advantages like large adjustable speed range (50—2000r/min), high starting torque and low starting current. This allows rapid and frequent speed shift in driving and during motor’s on-off switching. It is 20% more efficient than the traditional motor. Under either no load or full load, the power factors are all exceeding 0.95. On January 15, 2012 the Provincial Science & Technology Department appraised its core technology being on the highest standardinternationally. It is also recommended as a product of energy saving and carbon reduction by the State Reform Commission, the National Science & Technology Department and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The EV developed by Hirate Energy Co., Ltd is equipped with gel battery and BMS.BMS can estimate accurately the charging status, monitor the dynamic data and maintain the power balance among the batteries. While installed SRD Switched Reluctance Motor consumes only 6kwh of power for every 100km. Based on the price of 0.6RMB/kwh, the cost per 100km would be only 3.6RMB. Currently, a customer from Myanmar has signed to purchase 350 these newly developed EV with Hirate Energy Co. The cooperation of Shandong DERSUN Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. and Hirate Energy Co., Ltd. has made a breakthrough in the core technology involving EV motor, battery and controlling system.

Our products have offered the domestic market an efficient and economical EV.




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