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Gel Battery / Advantages - Power - Hirate Energy
Gel Battery / Advantages
HIRATE ENERGY Gel BatteryFlooded Lead Acid
SealedRelatively inexpensive
Spill-proofWidely available
Maintenance freeGood size to capacity ratio
Classified as non-hazardous goods for air, rail & road transportationDisadvantages:
High speed charging, 80% charged within 30 minRequire maintenance
Very resistant to over-dischargingRequire ventilated rooms for recharging
Extremely low self discharge rateSuffer from terminal corrosion
Virtually no gassingCan leak if casing is cracked causing hazardous spill
Withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -40℃ to 60℃ Require rubber gloves & goggles when maintaining
MSDS sheets not requiredVent substantial quantities of hydrogen & oxygen gasses as well as other toxins
Can be installed near sensitive electronic equipmentWill quickly sulfate if left discharged for any period of time
Excellent deep cycle performanceAre easily damaged if over-discharged
Disadvantages:Have high self-discharge rate
More expensiveAre classified as hazardous goods for transportation
HiRate Battery Catalogue sheet
HiRate Battery size sheet
HiRate Battery Specification

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