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Storage Energy System - Power - Hirate Energy
Storage Energy System

Storage system Overview

Currently, power supply system  commonly divide into two series:

 Power Supply System: Adopt single section 2V battery

 A number of  series batteries  

 High unit cost: About 12V battery 1.5 times price

 Longer life battery: Compared with 12V battery

 Power Supply System: Adopt single section 12V battery

 Less quantity of  series batteries

Low unit cost

 Shorter life battery (BMS can solve this issue timely)

System Diagram


Application Example 1 (48V system)


Application Example 2 (110V system)


Application Example 3 (220V system)


Storage System diagram


Technical Level

Technique threshold

1.Cost: LiFePO4 cost is too high ( Cost about 4-5 times Gel battery)

2.Temperature: Low temperature caused battery unable to use

3.Life: A number of series batteries  caused battery cycle short life

Solution:  Hirate Energy Gel battery combine with

   Battery Management System( DOD100%,battery life can maintain approximately 500 times-HRE series)


Classification Project

Traditional  Storage Energy  System

Hirate Energy Storage Energy System

System Price

Basically the same price

System Life

2-3 years


Management Maintenance

Need to arrange staff

on-site inspect at fixed period, if meet defective battery, have to  change it  any time

Via computer processing remote system management and  battery change is unnecessary

Data Contents

Commonly test voltage

Record real-time voltagecurrent  and temperature

Abnormal notice

No abnormal notice function

If happen abnormal condition, it will give warning message

Maintenance Cost

Higher maintenance cost

Basically maintenance cost is zero

Due to the whole system becomes double life,and its price did not increase.

The entire management cost and personnel cost is greatly reduced as well. Consequently, whether system performance or use cost, Hirate Energy  storage energy system is better than ordinary  storage energy system

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